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Psychological testing is used to evaluate IQ; emotional, cognitive, and behavioral functioning; and to diagnose psychological disorders. When you need psychological testing, you need RobinsPsych in the Bronx, New York. They have the experience and expertise to choose the proper tests, analyze the information, and develop insight that informs treatment decisions.

Psychological Testing Q & A

What’s a psychological assessment?

A psychological assessment is the process used to determine whether patients meet the diagnostic criteria for a psychological disorder. The psychologist begins with a complete medical history, and then talks with the patient to clarify the history and learn about the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that brought them in for an assessment.

Psychological assessments often involve observing patients while they’re engaged in a task or in their natural environment, especially if working with children. Observations reveal information about behavior, communication, and interactions with others that can’t be captured through other types of testing.

During the assessment, the therapist may do a structured clinical interview, asking the patient questions that come from a standardized list of questions. These lists are based on scientific research and designed to reveal details that are relevant to specific psychological disorders.  

What types of psychological tests are used?

Psychological tests are a vital tool for making an accurate psychological assessment. Depending on the test being administered, it may be completed by the patient, parent, or the therapist. While there are basic categories of tests, within each category there are many different tests available. Testing categories include:

  • Intellectual functioning: Includes intelligence tests and neuropsychological assessments. Neuropsychological testing is more extensive, and looks at all aspects of cognition — not just intelligence.
  • Personality assessment: Evaluates diverse factors to determine personality traits, especially traits associated with specific mental health conditions. Tests to assess emotional development and functioning may be in this category, but emotional issues also crossover with behavior assessments.
  • Behavior assessment: Tests designed to measure a person’s behavior and determine what triggers the behavior. Behavior assessments are often more like a survey that lists behaviors and asks the patient to rate the frequency and intensity of their actions.

How is psychological testing used?

When it comes to actually interpreting and using psychological testing, it’s vital to have experienced mental health professionals like the staff at RobinsPsych. As they search for answers to your mental health challenges, they never rely on only 1 test or make a quick decision. They carefully and thoughtfully synthesize all the information to gain the insight required to treat your unique condition. Psychological tests provide solid information, but their effectiveness — using them to gain insights and make decisions — depends on the knowledge of the person administering and interpreting the tests. You can rely on the expertise and compassion of the team at RobinsPsych.

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