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Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health issues in the United States, yet only about one-third of those with anxiety receive treatment. If you suffer from anxiety, contact the health professionals at RobinsPsych in the Bronx, New York. They successfully treat anxiety with a range of therapies, including cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, relaxation training, and alternative approaches.

Anxiety Q & A

What’s anxiety and when does it become a disorder?

Anxiety occurs when you anticipate a future threat. Normal anxiety often arises when you have to complete a new task or face a challenging circumstance, like your first day on the job. It becomes a disorder when it persists, the apprehension intensifies, and becomes overwhelming. People with anxiety disorders often can’t control their intense feelings, so they try to reduce them by avoiding situations that trigger the anxiety. When anxiety interferes with relationships and activities, it becomes a disorder that needs professional attention.

What are the symptoms of anxiety disorders?

Anxiety disorders don’t just cause emotional symptoms; they also produce physical symptoms and often interfere with sleep:

  • Emotional symptoms.:Feeling apprehensive, tense, jumpy, restless, irritable, or filled with dread. You anticipate the worst and constantly watch for signs of danger.
  • Physical symptoms: May be short of breath or have a pounding heart, sweating, tremors, headache, fatigue, upset stomach, frequent urination or diarrhea.

Are there different types of anxiety disorders?

There are several types of anxiety disorders. As a group, they represent some of the most common mental health disorders, affecting about 18% of adults and 8% of children and teenagers. The 4 types diagnosed most often include:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder: Generalized anxiety produces chronic, excessive worrying about everyday life, without a specific event that triggers the feeling. Worry may last for hours and make it impossible to concentrate on daily tasks.
  • Social anxiety disorder: This disorder causes a nearly debilitating fear of social interactions or performance situations, which is often driven by worries about being humiliated or rejected. Panic attacks are a common reaction.
  • Panic disorder: Sudden feelings of terror cause panic attacks that often occur without warning. Panic attacks cause powerful physical symptoms like chest pain, dizziness, heart palpitations, and shortness of breath.
  • Phobias: A phobia is an irrational fear to specific situations or objects, like a fear of flying. People with phobias obsessively avoid the source of their fear.

How does RobinsPsych treat anxiety disorders?

The dedicated team at RobinsPsych develops a treatment plan for each individual, depending on their anxiety disorder, emotional, and behavioral experience. A combination of treatments often works best. The medical professionals at RobinsPsych are experts in 2 of the most successful therapies for anxiety: cognitive behavioral therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy. They may also use exposure therapy, relaxation training, stress reduction, and meditation.

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